Skin Peels

Medical skin peels are one of the most effective ways to treat signs of ageing, UV damage, uneven skin tone, rough texture and clogged pores, leaving skin noticeably softer, brighter, and smoother. Chemical skin peels are resurfacing agents containing enzymes and acids designed to penetrate different layers of the skin, providing both dermal and epidermal stimulation, helping to improve the function of the skin and increase cellular turnover. As old dead skin cells are shed, new and healthier underlying cells are revealed.  All chemical skin peels offered at NH Aesthetics Harrogate, are very safe and designed to improve and correct a wide range of skin disorders and concerns, helping you to achieve your skin goals.

Before having a chemical peel treatment, it is ideal to prepare the skin with tailored medical grade cosmeceutical products for 6 weeks. It is important to stop using any skin care products with active ingredients in them, such as retinol, for one week prior to treatment. A full clinical assessment including medical history taking will be carried out prior to any treatments at NH Aesthetics. If you are on any medications it is strongly advised to bring these with you to your consultation.




There are three levels of peels; superficial, medium and deep. The deeper the peel the more downtime can be expected as old skin peels and flakes away. The intensity and depth of the peel you wish to have will be dependent on a few factors; what you are wanting to achieve, how much downtime you can afford to take, as well as your personal tolerance for the heat sensation generated by these treatments.




The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Resurfacing Facial has been one of the best-selling facials in Beverly Hills for many years, dubbed “The Red-Carpet Facial” by its A-Lister following, including; Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Hally Berry and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to name a few.  This treatment effectively resurfaces the skin with no peeling or down time, bridging the gap between a facial and a peel, this is the gentlest skin peel offered at NH Aesthetics, Harrogate. Skin will be left feeling incredibly smooth and glowing, it’s the perfect treatment to have the day before a big event. For optimum results to improve skin conditions, a course of 6 is recommended, spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

The Fire & Ice facial compromises of 2 professional masques, firstly a resurfacing masque will be applied and left on for approximately 3 minutes, some heat and tingling may be felt. Once removed, this will then be followed by a cooling hyaluronic acid (HA) masque, left on for approximately 10 minutes, to intensively hydrate the skin, preventing any peeling and leaving skin fresh and dewy. Tailored iS Clinical products will be selected to suit your skin and applied at the end of your treatment. You may also want to complete your treatment with an LED light therapy facial session, to really enhance your results, as an optional add on.



The ZO® Stimulator peel is the latest in clinic, professional only, peel by Dr Zein Obagi. Another favourite in Hollywood due to its noticeable results with no down time!

This peel is made up of a combination of 3 exfoliating ingredients; lactic acid, citric acid and salicylic acid, as well as high concentrations of other active ingredients that will stimulate gentle exfoliation of the epidermis and increase production of elastin and collagen. Skin is left noticeably brighter and softer. A course of treatments can reduce fine lines and even out skin tone and texture. SPF 50 must be worn daily post treatment.





An at home, self-administering, effective skin peel; the Ossential® Advanced Radical Night Repair is a 1.0% Retinol serum, designed for epidermal renewal and dermal stimulation. The strongest of non-prescription retinol products with a time release delivery system ensures maximum efficacy. This product will brighten the skin through exfoliation, promote cellular turn over and stimulate collagen production. This product also contains vitamin A, C and E to provide powerful antioxidant protection, helping to prevent future skin aging.

To use it as an at home peel system requires morning and night use, over a set number of days, using a specific amount of product. A nurse prescriber will instruct you on how to use it and what to expect. Although this is an at home treatment it can be very intensive, and you can expect some redness and peeling. SPF 50 must be worn daily, during and post treatment.





The famous Obagi Blue Radiance Peel is an in clinic, professional only, medium depth skin peel. This peel has been a long-standing favourite amongst patients globally, due to its ease of being a 15 minute ‘lunch time treatment’, with little down time, and giving fantastic results. It quickly and effectively removes dead skin cells, giving the skin a healthy glow. A course of 6 peels, spaced 3-4 weeks apart is recommended.

Prior to the treatment the skin will be cleansed and prepped, the Salicylic Acid based solution will then be applied evenly over the face and feathered down the neck, 1 or 2 layers will be applied depending on the patient’s skin type and tolerance. A tingling and heat sensation will be felt, the severity varies from patient to patient. The solution is left on the skin for up to ten minutes, but the heat sensation will just last a minute or so during this time. Most patients will experience some peeling 3-4 days post treatment which usually lasts a few days, typically around the eye and mouth area. It is important not to pick at flaking skin, SPF 50 must be worn daily post treatment.




The ZO® 3-Step Peel™ by Dr Zein Obagi, is an in clinic, professional only, multifunctional peel. Used to correct sun damage, acne, large pores, fine lines, pigmentation, dull and rough skin. This peel is designed to provide longer-lasting treatment benefits, as well as an immediate improvement. It may be performed several times a year depending on desired results.

The first step in the peel process is the application of a liquid blend of exfoliants; trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid and lactic acid. A medium to strong heat will be felt on the skin, cool air is directed at the face to help ease any discomfort. It is a self-neutralising formulation, meaning the peel is very controlled and won’t penetrate deeper than desired.

The second step is a 6% retinol cream applied evenly to the face in clinic, you take the remaining retinol home and apply it the morning after your treatment, to continue dermal stimulation.

The third step is the application of a cream, especially formulated to hydrate, calm and reduce inflammation, helping to restore skin back to normal as quickly as possible.